Surveillance &
Access Control Systems

Putting in place the right surveillance apparatus is a very important aspect of any security system being planned either for a home, business or government establishment.

We offer top-notch CCTV devices DVR machines and Motion Detectors which will help to facilitate the task of ensuring proper security monitoring in and around designated areas.

Image module
Monitor, restrict access to only authorized personnel

– 24/7 Premises Surveillance
– Provides visual deterrence
– Indoor or Outdoor Install
– Wall or Ceiling Mount
– Powerful Lens

For organisations requiring a more tamper-proof way of ensuring that only authorized Personnel have access to your premises we deploy high security & Biometric systems. This system has the following integrated security measures:

– PIN/Password Access
– Finger Print Recognition Systems
– Voice Recognition Systems
– Iris & Retina Recognition
– Secure Lock-out for Intruders
– Integration with Alarms & other Alert Systems

We install, service, and repair for Industrial Buildings, Offices, Homes, Schools and more
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