Fire & Life Safety

Our Fire Control systems can help to increase response time to curtailing fire disasters due to their quick detection mechanism & sensors.

In addition, our fire control systems apart from sounding an alarm to notify of possible fire incidents, also sends SMS or email to pre-programmed numbers or email addresses belonging to the client.

Hence, even when not at the location, quick action can be taken to address any potential fire incident

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A comprehensive Fire alarm system

In addition to its main power supply, our units come with a backup power supply and comes with various types of sensors as follows:

Temperature Alarms
These alarms go off when the internal temperature of the building goes above a set value. These alarms will give a warning that the temperature in the building has changed to a higher value to alert the occupants.

Smoke Alarms
These use an array of new technology to detect smoke and give off an immediate notification that smoke is present within the environment.

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