Engaging the right strategies and technology is a crucial part of effective security for your vehicles & fleet system. With the right security systems in place, proactive steps can be taken to forestall loss of these valuable assets or facilitate their quick recovery and that is what SwiftTRACK is..."THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY"

SwiftTRACK from Limitless Solutions Concepts Limited is an efficient and effective tracking system for management of your valued assets. It is a real-time tracking solution which is suitable for all types of vehicles.

Features include:
Real time monitoring of the vehicle: Know where your vehicles are in real time! SwiftTrack lets you know exactly where your vehicles are at the immediate time you are tracking them. It also gives you additional details such as the driver’s speed, odometer reading and position on a geographical map outlay.

Engine Demobilisation: SwiftTrack also helps to protect your vehicle with a unique feature that can demobilise the vehicle. The feature works by slowing down the performance of the vehicle before finally bringing it to a stop so that occupants of the vehicle are not injured.

Geo-Fencing: With Geo-Fencing, SwiftTrack fixes a geographical boundary for assigned vehicles such that when vehicles go beyond the designated boundary an alert is sent to your phone to let you know that the driver of the vehicle is on an alternate route other than the one you expect him to take. This is very useful in helping to monitor the movement of your vehicles when they have been given specific official assignments or other deliveries to make. It can also be a very useful security measure for parents who need to assign drivers to take their children or ward to school.

SwiftTRACK gives individual vehicle owners or managers of an organisation’s carpool greater control of the movement of their vehicles. This helps in auditing a vehicle’s movement and ensuring that vehicles are used for the purposes for which they were meant for thus increasing efficiency and productivity of the human asset.

SwiftTRACK is installed in an unobtrusive manner and in a location which is not easily guessed thus reducing chances of it being disabled by unauthorized personnel or individuals with dubious intent. You are assured that there is a security system in place all the time.

With this system owners are empowered has to track their vehicles, vessels, and other mobile assets such as trailers, containers and equipment; 

For critical periods when it is important to know the exact location of a vehicle, the GPS coordinates transmitted by SwiftTRACK can be input into computer-generated maps to determine where the vehicle is. The system can determine the speed at which the vehicle is travelling, its direction and location on a real time basis.

Reasons Why You Should Track With Us
Reliable and Modern Tracking Devices: We continually research into new developments in the tracking industry so that we can give our clients reliable devices.

Competitive Prices:The prices we offer our clients compare favorably with what obtains in the market, with one extra assurance – we match cost-effectiveness with utmost efficiency. The products we install are durable and extremely effective thus giving your peace of mind.

Responsive Customer Service: Inquiries to our support desk are handled with utmost timeliness and professionalism

High Recovery Rate: Due to the reliability of our tracking devices and their signal strength, we have been able to successfully locate and recover most of the vehicles which were stolen from our clients.

Expertise: We understand the business and clients’ needs for assurance on the safety of their vehicles; hence we have employed the best of both technical and administrative staff to ensure we give our clients the best of services.

Why Not Choose A Plan Today & Secure Your Assets

SwiftTrack Starter: This is our entry level product which offers you the following

- Know your vehicle location via SMS
- Disable and enable your car with use of phone
- Know the exact street location via google map
- 24hours customer support

SwiftTrack Premium: Looking for more extensive features & data reporting to track your vehicle? SwiftTrack Premium is the way to go!

- Ability to obtain vehicle location on your authorized phones
- It enables users to disable and enable vehicle engine with their authorised phones.
- view vehicle activities over a long period of time (i.e activities for the past one year).
- Receive speeding alert by sms whenever predetermined speed limit is exceeded.
- Receive alerts by sms whenever vehicle is driven out of authorized geographical territories.
- Log on to our tracking website and view vehicle's location
- Receive e-mail reports on your vehicle's activities.

SwiftTrack Fleet Management: gives users greater options for tracking multiple vehicles. This is a plan suitable for individuals, SMEs, insurance companies and other corporate organisations who need to coordinate logistics for a larger number of vehicles. SwiftTrack Fleet Management gives users the means to effectively track and monitor the activities of 5 - 5,000 vehicles in real time.

This plan features:

- Dedicated Server
- Web Administrative Interface
- Direct management of tracking by your organisation
- Add large number of Vehicles to your tracking network
- GeoFencing
- Driver management (time, distance & speed monitoring)
- Direct management of tracking by your organisation

SwiftTRACK Satellite: Best for locations where GPRS & SMS are unavailable. Tracking is done directly via satellite, this option is suitable for places such as Oil rigs, remote locations without GSM or GPRS signals and also for tracking vessels & containers on the high seas

For enquiries on any of the above plans, please call +234 8070760834, +234 8033353051 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.