Business Solutions

Looking to improve communication flow within your corporate environment? Then this solution is best for your organization. The goal – to give you the best alert & communication system fit for your business.

Our Business solutions system is a special package, designed to be a premier alert system for wireless mass notification for business environments such as hotels, hospitals, multinationals, military institutions and other corporate organizations.

This solution can either be operated as a stand-alone system or integrated with other existing facilities on your premises such as fire-alarm, access control and others. During regular daily activity, the system can function as a powerful wireless public address and messaging system.

Creates a more effective communication system
It improves communication between the departments and units of your organization.

Emergency notification system
Allows for greater effectiveness in co-ordinating activities during fire-drills and real emergency situations.

Flexibility & Ease of Use
Allows for faster adaptation to the competitive and ever-changing telecommunications marketplace. Also allows rapid deployments of new services in the future.

One transmitter solution that offers full coverage, regardless of the size of your organization.

Large Database
Database to control up to 1000 devices wirelessly

Wireless Installation
Requires little or no civil works, no need to break your walls or mar your new paint jobs!