Wireless Emergency Notification Systems

Getting people to react in a timely, safe and orderly fashion can help to reduce causalities during high risk situations or in emergencies. One way of assuring this is by ensuring there is a proper emergency notification system put in place. At Limitless Solutions Concepts Limited, we install highly efficient & effective emergency notification systems. These systems can be deployed by:

1. Government Establishments
2. Private Businesses
3. Industrial Factories
4. Hospitals
5. Schools

The wireless emergency notification system has the following features:

1. Central Control System - This is a user friendly central control system/base station that is able to initiate voice, visual and alphanumeric alerts to almost a 100,000 controlled devices such as wireless PA speakers, alphanumeric LED displays, two-way radios, pagers and wirelessly controlled sirens and strobe lights. It's menu-driven database is easy to use and allows the server administrator to manage and program each controlled device and pre-programmed voice or text message efficiently. 

2. Wireless Control - Devices within the system such as intercom stations, LED displays, strobe lights and public address systems are wirelessly integrated into the base station

3. High Power Transmitters - Wide range of devices with a wide transmission range can be integrated into the system to address the peculiar needs of specific clients

4. Easy adaptability - The system apart from its wireless capabilities can also be deployed to function with existing LAN, fire alarm systems, access control systems and other security systems

5. User Friendly - The wireless emergency notification system has an easy to understand interface and menu items and commands are easily mastered.

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