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With the KX-TDA100D Hybrid IP-PBX System, your establishment is poised to deliver efficient communication for both today and tomorrow's corporate communication needs. The KX-TD100D combines the features of the traditional PBX system with modern IP technology. This ensures that it can conveniently cope with your present communication needs while also immediately positioning your organisation to enjoy the benefits of IP based communication technology when required.

With the integrated wireless capability of the system, receiving calls is not restricted to location! The KX-TDA100D allows for cell phone integration which makes it easy for important business calls to be received on mobile phones when out of the office.

With the following features of KX-TDA100D your corporate communication flow is always on the ready lane!

Growth should be a regular feature for every organisation and as your organisation grows, so does your office communication flow. The KX-TDA100D is built to cope with growth as it allows for the connection of up to 128 single line telephones. This number can further be extended if needed by adding DECT wireless telephones.

Enabled IP Technology
Looking to integrate voice and data within your office communication flow? The in-built IP technology of the KX-TD100D ensures that offices are able to enjoy the benefits of IP technology. With its modular architecture, there is support for IP convergence which allows for easy migration to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)KX-TDA100D expandibility.

Enhanced Mobility
The DECT wireless capabilities of the KX-TDA100D gives offices the options of making their extension terminals cordless thus increasing span of communication within the premises. Larger premises can make use of cell stations to fully maximise this feature.

Mobile Phone Integration
Mobile phones are an important tool for the modern business world. The KX-TDA100D allows for the integration of mobile phones, giving staff the ability to receive important business calls even when they are not in the office. This is an extremely important feature that helps seamless flow of communication related to your business goals.

Single Number Portability
An added benefit from the mobile phone integration is the possibility for people to use a single number to contact both the office extension and a mobile number. The KX-TDA100D gives the option of directing incoming calls to ring simultaneously on both a desk phone and on the mobile number of the staff who would normally be seated at such a desk. Calls from such a mobile number can also be programmed through the PBX system to display the company phone number if used to make business calls.

Call Centre Features
The system has center features which makes it well equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)

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