KX-TVM 200

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The KX-TVM 200 ensures that your organisation can enjoy a more advanced voice message system which will in no small measure help to improve the service and support which you can offer your clients:

The KX-TVM 200 offers:
- Up to 128hrs recording time and 1024 mailboxes
- Email Integration
- Intelligent Voice Prompts
- Scalable - up to 100 service settings
- HDD memory storage

The series has the following features:

Centralised Voice Mail System
The KX-TVM series can be deployed and shared across your office network thus creating a centralised access to voicemail box, Message waiting, Attendant Service, Interview Service and Holiday Service.

Custom Service
Make it easier for clients to reach the appropriate departments within your establishment! The KX-TVM Series allows you to create custom 1-digit access dial to department extension and other self-help announcements. Callers can also leave a message or get their calls forwarded to other extensions when the desired one is unavailable

User-Friendly Voice Mail Menu
The KX-TVM series' menu can be displayed on the screens of system phones thus making it easy for users to know what menu items to make use of by simply following the visual prompts displayed on the screen. Also integrated are Caller Name Announcement and Caller ID based greetings.

Seamless Integration
Easily integrate the system with a wide range of systems such as the TDA, TDE AND NCE Pabx systems and your communication network can enjoy more enhanced capabilities such as two-way recording, Call ID Intelligence, Live Call Screening and Remote access.

The series also has a range of advanced features such as multi-lingual voice prompts, automatic fax detection and fax routing, call screening, and call recording.

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