Mobility Extensions

With the mobility Extension add-ons, organizations can extend the scope of their office communication networks. It ensures that users of PABX enjoy the ease and freedom to attend to office calls irrespective of their geographic locations.

This add-on works by connecting user mobile phones and other external telephony devices to the PABX as "virtual" PABX extensions and enables remote access to the enterprise's PABX/IP regardless of employee's whereabouts or telephony device (Cellular phone, WiFi phone, Multi-radio Smartphone, laptop, or any VoIP device).

This way you can increase organizational availability, productivity and efficiency by ensuring that information and communication flow gets through to whomever and whenever you need it. Suprisingly, you can enjoy all these at low-running cost and with existing PABX equipment.

One-Number Feature
Simplifies and enhances customer contact, by using the same contact number on all devices.

Simultaneous ringing of both office desk phone and mobile phone (or other telephony device) for optimal call attendance.

Mobile PABX Extension
Access to switchboard functions and company call tariffs from mobile phones.

SMS Missed Calls Alerting & Call logs
PABX users can be notified by an SMS message of a missed call to any one of their pre-defined phone devices. The SMS message includes the caller name and number, call date and time. It also has a centralized management tool for monitoring customer contact performance.

- Maximize your office hours. Work from everywhere and anywhere
- Remote Mobile PABX Extension
- Flexibility for handling incoming and outgoing calls
- Increased availability, productivity and efficiency
- Efficient customer contact
- In-line connectivity – between the PABX and the PSTN
- Compatible with all ISDN PABXs

The Mobility Extension System is optimized for providing integrated voice communications for both on-site and remote users and can be put to effectIVE use by banks, Insurance Companies, PABX distributors, Telecom equipment resellers, System and call-center integrators, Telecom equipment installers and Telecommunication consultants.