The Limitless Integrated Security System

In our homes or business environment, the best form of insurance we can have is to ensure there is adequate security & potential disaster aversion or mitigation systems in place to save us from having to endure the pain of irreparable loss.

Emergency or potential disaster situations are never welcome! But it is often better to be safe than sorry!

The Limitless Integrated Security System (LISS) is a one-stop solution that ensures that your home or business can react proactively to potential fire disasters or security breach of your premises.

The Limitless Integrated Security System has a simple yet highly effective mode of operation. It is an intelligent security system, which uses GSM Mobile Communication Network to transmit alarm signals and control instructions between a house/office, supermarket and other restricted areas

It comprises of:
- The Main Controller
- Fire Sensors
- Motion Sensors
- Door Sensors
- Glass Break Sensors

The Limitless Integrated Security System offers you the following advantages:

* Wireless Installation, no need for major civil works
* Multi-faceted Security options (fire & intrusion notification)
* Send notification to up to five numbers for proactive action
* Send notification by email
* Facilitates a faster response time to manage potential disaster situations
* Remote control & Security Lock for controller
* Cost-effective