Virtual Office Solutions

Deciding to setup the running of a virtual office environment as a business concern can often be an exciting yet daunting challenge! Your clients might be interested in a long-term rental plan, a short-term rental plan or some client might just be desirous of renting office space for just a few hours to conclude an important business deal - yet they must all enjoy a high level of efficiency as they are trusting you to help their businesses to operate seamlessly with the facilities you provide for them.

Key to such businesses are the issues of:

- Effective Office Communication flow
- Security & Safety

Limitless Solutions Concepts Limited is your trust-worthy partner in planning and setting up the smoothing running of your virtual office! We can help you address the key needs of communication, security and safety in the following ways:

Effective Office Communication flow
We have the technical expertise to help you plan a professional office communication hub and call centre that will adequately cater for the needs of whatever classes of clients you have - either long-term clients or short-term clients. We will help you deploy an efficient and effective office communication system that will give your clients the options of:

- Personalized telephone answering, telephone line and voicemail
- video/Audio conferencing capable communication network
- Private, secure mailbox with mail forwarding
- Accurate call billing system

Security & Safety
As a rule, an office environment should be a place that is both safe and secure. While your clients do know that they are sharing the office building with others, they will expect that spaces allocated to them is safe-guarded against intrusion from other quarters. They will also appreciate that fall back measures are in place to guarantee their personal safety and precious official documents stored within your building.

Limitless Solutions Concepts Limited can help you with the following security & safety measures:

- Anti-Intrusion Systems
- Biometric Entrance Systems
- Fire Alarms
- Heat Detectors
- Smoke Detectors

Limitless Solutions Concepts Limited also offers professional services in mapping out and deployment of the electrical wiring system of new & existing buildings.